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UPDATE:  April 15, 2015:
FULL SITE RE-FRESH!  Mock Draft Projection is now live w/ a new 1st Rd. look & all value boards and Top 100 rankings are up-to-date.  Look for more posts here in the coming days w/ final analysis of the 2015 draft class.
Steeler-Friends:  Annual "Steelers War Room" Post is the next item up. Always a fun event and this year's will be no different.  Look for this some time in the middle of next week.
UPDATE:  April 11, 2015
Materials have been updated and uploaded!  The Top 100 is now fresh, as we now just sit 18 days away from the start of the draft.  There will be one final update of the Top 100 board coming soon so that it can be locked-in for the draft, which is quickly coming right up!  Also, the offensive and defensive draft value boards have been loaded with a few changes.  Overall, 357 prospects are aligned into the vertical boards.  The longer I've personally worked on this year's draft class, the more impressed I've become with the talent.  No, it's not at that same all-star level of last year's class, but several positions (such as interior DL, WR, and DB) just have so many nice mid-to-late round prospects!  It's been so much fun to uncover and discover these young men's traits throughout the past year.
THINGS COMING UP:  The mock draft projection is being worked on currently and will go live soon.
With Draft Enthusiasm,
Doug Martz,
UPDATE:  March 20, 2015
The Offensive and Defensive Draft Value Boards (Vertically Stacked) have been updated to reflect tweaks that have taken place
during the assessment process.  A total of 360 prospects have been vertically aligned to fit into their projected draft slot for
the upcoming draft (41 days away).  This list includes 180 players on each side of the ball.
So... because I never write about my "favorites" here at the site, here goes....  irregardless of where they are slotted, here is my favorite player
at each position (this is due in large part to their 'motor' or observed 'desire' to play the game of football:
QB - Bryce Petty, Baylor (Rd.3) - with time to grow, could turn out to be the most polished, strong-armed gunner.
RB - Duke Johnson, Miami (Rd.2) - runs so hard; will have a nice 10-year career and be continually consistent from day #1.
WR - Kevin White, WVU (Rd.1) - yes, he's my top WR, but I think this is one very special player that will only get better w/ NFL coaching.
TE - Nick Boyle, Deleware (Rd.5) - a favorite of mine and way, way under the radar; A++ blocking plus athleticism to become better pass-catcher.
OL - (Tie) Fisher, Oregon (Rd.1/2) & Hickey, Syracuse (Rd.3/4) - Fisher will transition as best LT taken in the class; Hickey = under-rated superstar.
DL - Danny Shelton, Washington (Rd.1) - Monster NT.  Will mean to his team what B.J. Raji/Haloti Ngata/Vince Wilfork have meant to their teams.
EDGE - Markus Golden, Missouri (Rd.2) - I have him rated higher than any pundit out there - simply, this is the rusher w/ the best motor/desire.
LB - Stephone Anthony, Clemson (Rd.1/2) - He projects as ILB, but there's some quick-twitch in this guy and he could move around - love his build.
CB - Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest (Rd.1) - The only draftable guy Wake has but he also has the most polished (skill-set) of any CB coming out!
SAF - James Sample, Louisville (Rd.3) - Far out-shines more celebrated teammate Holliman; strong, strong, strong backfield attacker/tackler/man!

         As a reminder:  The NFL DRAFT SCHEDULE:       Where?    The Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago
            Round 1:  8:00 p.m. Thursday, April 30th
            Round 2/3:  6:30 p.m. Friday, May 1st                                                                                              Television Coverage:  NFL Network, ESPN & ESPN 2
            Rounds 4-7:  Noon, Saturday, May 2nd